Case Study: Ancaster Kitchen Renovation

Ancaster Kitchen Renovation

Crodon Kitchen & Bath Centre completed a full kitchen renovation in Ancaster including installing a skylight, hardwood floors throughout the main floor, new basement custom shower, and re-constructed a fifty-year-old fire place in the living room. The kitchen portion of the renovation will be featured.

Step-1: Pre-renovation

Step 1

This picture was taken pre-reno. You can see that the space is a bit dated and the configuration is not making the best use of available space.

Step 2: Tear down

Step 2

Here you can see the room has been taken down to bare bones. Everything has been removed, providing a clean slate for the kitchen renovation.

Step 3: floor installation

Step 3

The new floor is being installed, it will be the foundation for everything else to come. You can start to see the transformation already!

Step 4: Finished Product

Step 4

The finished product is a beautiful and functional space. Natural lighting has been created using a skylight, and the space has been reconfigured for efficiency.

Step One: Pre-renovation

Step 1

The design was to convert this older kitchen into a fresh newly renovated space with more modern & elegant features, one which could bring in more light, which functioned more efficiently and could easily can transition into a beautiful time tested retirement space for the future.

Step 2

Crodon always cleans up your space at the end of each work day.  Reframing for the new window location is shown here and floors being prepped for tiling. 

Step 3

Modern Sarana Tile glazed porcelain Padua floors being put in. A skylight was installed as well as a reconfiguration of appliances for peak functionality in this kitchen. 

Step 4

Crodon takes your lifestyle into consideration with every renovation! A warm & inviting kitchen renovation completed along with happy clients. Miralis Maple Earth Brown cabinetry, Features glass cabinet, corner drawer pull outs, sleek kitchen countertops in Caesarstone Coastal Grey. Hardwood floors can be seen entering into the dining room while the kitchen received a modern tiled floor balancing the sleek new stainless steel appliances. Edge of the new skylight can be seen at the top of the center photograph. 


Our goal with every kitchen renovation is to leave our clients with a uniquely beautiful, truly functional space. So much of our lives are spent in, or centered around, the kitchen. Our kitchens serve as gathering spaces, a source of warmth and togetherness for family and friends. We use our kitchens as educational spaces, teaching our children the basic skills for a life they must someday live on their own. The kitchen is arguably the most important room in a house. We strongly believe that each of our clients deserves a space which is inviting and pleasant to navigate and work in.

At Crodon, each kitchen renovation is approached as a unique and individual project, much as our clients are individuals, with unique and personal needs and desires.

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About Ancaster

Ancaster - now a community, but once a town - has a rich and storied history. Originally established in 1793, Ancaster is one of the oldest communities still around. The town was once much larger than both Hamilton and Toronto, in fact it was once the second most populated town in Upper Canada. This level of activity was due mostly to its position so close to water and already on a major historical trading route. As  rail and water systems infrastructure across Canada began to improve, Ancaster was slowly abandoned in favor of areas which were closer to major bodies of water, such as Lake Ontario. Following this departure, development in the area remained stagnant for decades, until slowly subdivisions began to appear and eventually formed the thriving community that we know today.

Ancaster Neighbourhoods

  • Meadowlands
  • Oakhill
  • Nakoma
  • Harmony Hall
  • Pinecrest
  • Perth Park
  • Parkview Heights
  • Maywood