Custom Bathrooms

Bathrooms have come a long way since the outhouse and newer homes often have three or more. The fundamental difference between kitchens and bathrooms is kitchens are social gathering places. In the bathroom we enjoy our privacy. Here we relax, reload and get ready for the world. Modern bathrooms can have heated floors, towel warmers, temperature controlled rain heads, air baths, mood lighting, chandeliers and even steam generators if you want.

Bathrooms are also where we are most vulnerable from being a baby to our senior years. Safety comes from grab bars, thermostatic valves, non slip floors and barrier free applications. We understand the technical requirements to make your bathroom safe for you and your family.

Toilets, tubs and other perils

Did you know that all toilets are now required to be low consumption? That’s a good thing, right? Of course it is as long as multiple flushes are not required. Do all low consumption toilets work well? What is a dual flush or wall hung toilet? What toilet is the easiest to clean? We can answer all of these questions, ensure that your fixtures fit the design and your budget.

Do you know the difference between an air-bath and a whirlpool? You should if you care about hygiene. You love the idea of a free-standing tub? Where will the faucet go? How long will the water stay hot? We know and are willing to share! Steam units are awesome, but only if they are sized right and installed correctly. Exhaust fans are important and some work and are quiet. Are heated floors a good idea? Ask your cat.

Bathrooms are well used compact areas of our homes that are very important to our daily lives and next to kitchens are the best investment you can make in your home. We have been designing and installing quality, well designed bathrooms for over thirty years.

Custom Bathroom
Custom Bathroom

Tertiary Heading

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