Custom Kitchens

Kitchens are the best investment you can make in your home in terms of return on investment and quality of life yet they are often the last area of the home to be renovated. Cost and technical difficulty are the main reasons. With so much riding on the results of a kitchen renovation it just makes sense to hire a professional. Having made that decision who will you select to guide you? Magazines are full of “beautiful” kitchens that simply don’t function very well that were designed by so called professionals. That is inexcusable! We will spend as much time helping you decide where the green bin waste will go (Hint: It is not in the green bin ) as we do selecting the finish and style of your cabinets.

Design inspired by function

Our design philosophy is very simple. Your new kitchen should function beautifully, stand up to daily use, and take your breath away. We can achieve this by learning about YOUR lifestyle, designing for function and selecting materials for their durability, appearance and value.

Many of you will be familiar with the concept of the working triangle. This concept involves the distance between the fridge, sink and stove and conventional wisdom was that this was the basis of functional kitchen design. We adhere to a more well rounded philosophy that breaks down the basic functions of the kitchen and dictates where appliances should be placed, where each item in a kitchen should be stored and how much space should allocated for each function. Blum, an international company that supplies the industry with cabinet hardware coined the phrase dynamic space to describe the concept and we believe it to be fundamentally sound as a starting point for great kitchen design.

We are passionate about cooking and know that a well designed kitchen makes the experience so much more enjoyable. We can’t make the food taste any better but your new kitchen just might inspire culinary greatness.

Custom Kitchens
Custom Kitchens

Details, details

Scale, balance, edge detail, cabinet hardware, finish, etc… A client of ours many years ago said “ The difference between all things good and great is 15%. So let’s go that extra 15%. It doesn’t matter what profession you are in you always recognize the difference between the people who are good at what they do and those who are great at it. Passion and dedication to craft always triumph over system and protocol. Our very best projects have been the result of clients pushing us from the expected and find the spectacular. They had a vision and we helped them get there.