Crodon Kitchen and Bath Centre has been building it’s reputation since 1976. We are known for quality, innovative design and exceptional customer service. These qualities are the basis of value. Value rarely means the lowest price. One of our partners often says “Price, Quality, service…Pick any two” Companies that claim to offer the best price, best service and highest quality won’t be in business long enough to prove it.

You as the consumer will base your renovation decisions on perceived value. We hope that you decide that Crodon fits the criteria. We have chosen our partners for the same reasons. Quality, value and service , not simply the lowest price. Further we choose Canadian made, environmentally responsible suppliers wherever possible.

Loyalty… We live in the Big box , mass produced, disposable era. Crodon is a small independently owned business that chooses to foster mutually beneficial business relationships with our partners. That loyalty means that when service issues arise our partners are solidly behind us.