Your Renovation Journey

Step 1: First contact

At Crodon Kitchen and Bath Centre we realize that every client’s renovation journey is unique. What each journey has in common is you get to choose your guide. It doesn’t matter how much you paid if your guide doesn’t know where you are going. We encourage you to speak to other professionals. You need to trust and have confidence in your guide.

If you are reading this you’ve already made the first step. You want to renovate but may not know exactly what you want or where to start. When you first call us or come to the showroom we won’t know much about you either. As we chat we will begin to understand your needs and you will learn what we can do to meet those needs. Call to set up an appointment or drop in to see us.

Step 2: Show and tell

A visit to our showroom will allow you to see, hear and touch. Our house is set up to educate not as a retail store. There are many functioning elements so you can see how things work . There is way too much choice so we will narrow things down so you can make intelligent choices. We love what we do and spend the time to keep up with what’s new without getting too¬† caught up with trends.

Step 3: House call

We need to see where you live and how you live. Please don’t hire a cleaning crew or put things away that would normally be out. We want to really get to know your lifestyle. We will take measurements and pictures to assess your situation. Remember we are seeing the space for the first time with unbiased professional eyes.

Custom Kitchens
Custom Kitchens

Step 4: Inspiration and perspiration

Designing anything exceptional requires imagination, technical knowledge and a clear sense of the objective. As experienced General Contractors who pride ourselves in functional design all we need from you is the inspiration. The better we know you the more tailored the design to your needs. We have design software that will help you visualize the plan but it is just a tool. Inspired design is pulling all the threads together into a cohesive plan. Poor design can cost the same as great design without knowledge and experience. Getting it right at this stage is the most important phase.

Step 5: Putting it all together

Every project has a layout component and materials component. Even though one has an affect on the other they are separate entities. The prior steps will have equipped you and us to select the appropriate materials to meet your needs and cater to the design. The material choices will be a balance of appearance, durability, and cost. Every client will put value on different things. Our job is to help you evaluate your options. It is more important that you know why you selected a particular product than what the product actually is.

Step 6: Sign a blank cheque

I bet that got your attention! By this step in the process the scope of the project and all major material choices will have been made or are down to some manageable choices. Based on our proposed plan and material choices we will provide you with a detailed written quote to fulfil our proposal. This will include all materials and labour and will be based on real choices that meet the criteria that you set out for us.

Step 7: On the dotted line

This step is scary…. For us. We take your trust in Crodon very seriously. Once you sign a contract we set up a second measure to confirm all measurements and arrange showroom meetings to iron out all the little details. By this stage you are relaxed and comfortable that you have made the right decision. That’s great. We will make sure you make all required decisions and have input prior to project commencement.

Custom Kitchen Counters
Custom Kitchens Designs

Step 8: The immaculate renovation

There will be no mess and we will be finished in a day. OK, that is not true. What we will do is respect your home and deliver what we promised. We will balance your desire to have the project completed as quickly as possible while maintaining the quality we both expect.

Step 9: Missing each other.

Every client and every project is part of Crodon’s journey going back to 1976. Being in people’s homes and leaving behind a beautiful functional space is emotional for us as well. For a short period of time we are intertwined with your everyday life . We get to know each other very well and that human connection is part of why we love what we do. We don’t put the effort in to gain a reputation. We have a reputation because we have put the effort in. Every picture in our galleries has a story. So till next time.